Our Fishing Charters and Custom Excursions:

striped bass fishing charters

Striped Bass

The crown jewel of inshore fisherman, southern Maine’s “striper” fishing is hard to beat.  Most fishing occurs close to shore with live bait the tactic of choice. We encourage catch and release fishing for all northern Striped Bass and we boast very low mortality rates for our fish. As the northern terminus in annual Striper migration, it’s important to protect and preserve these natural resources.


bottom fishing charters


Nothing beats returning to the dock with fresh fish.  Maine haddock is delicious and sure to be a hit at any BBQ or family dinner.  Bottom fishing occurs about an hour cruise from shore in water several hundred feet deep… so expect offshore conditions with a variety of species coming over the rail.  Back on the dock Captain Mike is happy to help fillet and prepare your fresh catch.

giant bluefin tuna & shark fishing

Giant BlueFin Tuna & Shark fishing

The undisputed king of northern fishing… one fight against a Giant Bluefin Tuna on the North Atlantic’s premier fishing grounds and you’ll understand why TV shows exist around this amazing pelagic.

Most charters are 17 to 30 miles offshore and include trips to famous fishing spots like Jefferies Ledge.  You may even see your favorite TV star anchored nearby or come face to face with one of Maine’s many shark species!  Unfortunately, most Bluefin Tuna stocks are too large for individual harvesting (federal regulations) and must be tagged & processed by a licensed Fish Broker so taking home tuna steaks is rarely an option.