Northern Edge Charters


The weather in Maine is always changing so we recommend you bring the right clothing and gear. See our checklist below for suggestions. You won’t need to bring any fishing gear or tackle unless you have a secret lure you are dying to try. The only thing you are restricted from bringing on board is ANY type of recreational drug. Regardless of state and local regulations of controlled substances, no drugs of any sort are allowed on board. Your safety is the top priority of our crew, so we also require limited, responsible alcohol consumption or waiting until we’re back on the dock and taking pictures before the adult beverages commence!

If you are prone to seasickness or unsure of your “sea legs” we recommend an OTC motion sickness medication.

If you, or one of your crew… love the ocean… but still struggle with serious seasickness you may also consider visiting your Family Doctor to determine if a transdermal patch prescription could be a good solution for you, especially on our offshore trips. From our experience, transdermal patches provide the best defense against motion sickness and have saved many an extended voyage. You should try any medication prior to the trip to understand how your individual physiology will react before leaving the dock and avoid alcohol while taking medication.

Northern Edge Charters


  • Lunch & beverages
  • Sunglasses & sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Extra clothes with warm layers and a rain jacket or shell.
  • Good deck shoes without a dark marking outsole. (Please, no hiking boots)
  • Shorts or a Bathing Suit
  • Camera
  • Good Attitude!